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This web site exists to provoke the mind & soul and to ask troublesome questions about life.  Naturally asking troublesome questions is a good way to provoke trouble but we are hoping that all our visitors are peace loving, non violent people.  We hope that you find something that will stimulate some new and interesting thoughts, perhaps cause you to re-evaluate a few beliefs and possibly even make you feel a bit uncomfortable.

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Feeling suicidal and wanting a reason for living?

For the most part this web site is supposed to suggest possible answers to difficult questions and generally provoke reasoned thought and debate about living.  However sometimes life is really not that great and lots of people do come to this web site hoping to find a “reason for living”.  Its a bit scary when people do that because there are so many reasons for living and yet sometimes its difficult to find just one, and if you don't have a reason for living then maybe you'll do something nasty and terminal, and that would be bad and sad.  This web site isn't really a suicide help and advice site but nonetheless we even have a page about that as well so if you are thinking about jumping off a bridge, swallowing bottlefuls of pills or otherwise ending your life you might want to read our article about suicide.

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Then there ares a few other bits and bobs that all respectable web sites are supposed to have and, since this tries to be a respectable web site, we've got them too:

There is a very short list of links to other places you might find interesting.  We also like the idea of acknowledging other people's work so we have got some credits to other organizations.  The fact that we don't try to bug you, spam you, harrass you or otherwise engage in antisocial behaviour on your internet connection is explained in our wonderful web site privacy policy which, if you can't be bothered to read it, basically says that we are safe and friendly and you have nothing to fear; well, not from us anyway.

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