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The web site of reason-for-living (this web site) is a safe, friendly and well-mannered web site that does not solicit personal information about visitors to the site or try to pry into their lives.


Certain information is recorded automatically by our web server when any visitor browses the site.  This information usually includes:

The file names of the pages visited.
The date and time that the visit occurred and the number of bytes transferred.
This information is determined automatically as you click on links and move from page to page.
The IP number and/or reverse DNS of your internet connection.
This information is determined by your internet service provider; without it you cannot access the internet.  If you are using a fixed IP address connection then this information will allow your activity to be tracked on the web more easily than if you are using a varying IP address connection.  Some internet service providers configure their reverse DNS to include your company name, your own name, your “user name” or other “personal” information.  If you have questions about this you should contact your own internet service provider.
The type of browser software that you are using (for example, Opera, FireFox, Safari, Gecko, or Internet Explorer)
This information is sent (or withheld) by your own web browser.  Some web browsers allow you to customize this information or not send it at all.  This information is used by some web sites to ensure that the pages you can see will appear correctly on your computer.
The type of operating system that your computer is using.
Other information sent by your web browser.
Different browsers send different information.  For example, some browsers send information about your screen size and almost all browsers will send information about the link you followed in order to get to each page you view.  A browser can send whatever information it likes and we do not control what it does.
Various technical information.
The technical information is not personal to you; it is generated in response to each page request.  It includes information that helps us ensure that our web site is functioning as we intended.

The information gathered by our web server is recorded in log files.  These are studied from time to time to see if any problems have occurred and to allow us to manage the web site properly.

Please note that if you contact us by email or by telephone or by any other means then any information that you send us will possibly be retained in order to provide you with information, services or products that you require.

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