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0009 Mediums & Spiritists Many people consult mediums and spirit guides; what can they do for you?
0012 Authority Authority and related matters.
0017 Predestination — does it exclude free-will? If God really controls the universe than what choices do I actually have?
0018 Obedience, a Christian view Do you feel that God just isn't listening to you?  Maybe you aren't listening to him either!
0019 Gaining knowledge Understanding how we gained some information might help us decide what that information is worth.
0020 Self-control, self-discipline and self-denial Contemporary living does not have much use for these three qualities but they are essential for any Christian who really wants to live in obedience to God.
0022 What does God want me to do?  Knowing the will of God. Feeling lost and unsure what to do?  Well, by all means, ask God for direction, but take care not to overlook the obvious ...
0024 Simple commands for Christians. A handy guide to some of the things that God told us to do but we never quite get around to doing.
0028 The origins of sin: Part 1. A short explanation of how the human race ended up with a bad character. We are not sinners because we sin, we sin because we are sinners.
0036 Irreconcilable differences 1:  Christianity and modern faiths. “All religions will take you to God eventually”?  — Only a fool would think so!
0041 Submission of Christian wives to their husbands. Many people consider submission to be demeaning and degrading and a sign of weakness.  In reality submission is a choice that only a strong person can make ... while all around them weak and pathetic people vocally despise a virtue they haven't even understood.
0046 The headship of men. What is masculinity, what is femininity?  How can men and women relate to one another harmoniously?
0060 The Karmic cop-out The principle of Karma is widely believed.  However Karma is a myth which is irrational, inhibits compassion and leads to a denial of personal responsibility.
0071 Poem: Wake-up foolish sleeper!  Wake-up! If this poem disturbs your peace of mind and keeps you awake at night then I'll be very pleased.
0072 “Not far” from the Kingdom of God. Many people think that they are pretty good and that God is really quite pleased with them.  This article shows that being “good”, or even “very good”, is just not good enough.  We need more than our own goodness to please God.
0076 If God is so marvellous then why is the world in such a bloody mess? Lots of people want to believe in a good God but just cannot do so because they see so much evil in the world and cannot understand how a good God would let such evil happen.  This article shows that there is no contradiction between the goodness and power of God and the presence of evil in our lives.
0077 What does it mean to be “born again”? One life or two?  According to Jesus you'll need a whole new life before you can get close to God.
0087 The Perfectly Paradoxical Problem of Paradise. If everything is perfect in paradise then how are imperfect people like you and I going to get in?
0088 Church buildings, we hate them too! Church buildings (as they are called) prevent people hearing the good news about Jesus.
0090 What really happened on that cross? This article gets past the popular misconceptions about the death of Jesus and shows why, for humans who want to be right with God, the death of Jesus was, quite simply, the most important thing that has happened since the planet began.
0105 The origins of sin: Part 2. Did God create a good world or a bad one?
0115 Believing “on trust”. We all have some sort of beliefs or personal philosophies; but WHY do we believe what we believe and how do we know that it is true?
0117 Learning about money. Many preachers tell us that God wants to bless us financially and they make it sound so good.  Now find out what God actually said.
0118 Take care!  Do not be deceived. Every author in the New Testament warned their readers about the proliferation of false teachers in the church.  So, how come we never meet any?
0119 The fulfillment of the law Jesus fulfilled the law and that is good news for you and me, but what does this mean and how does it affect us?
0120 What can we learn from Noah and his boat? A lesson or two from the floating zoo.  And, by the way, that ark was a lot bigger than it's usually portrayed.
0122 Living a lie.  A call to repentance. Some people claim to be Christians but they tell lies, break promises and are generally dishonest.  These people are in BIG trouble.
0124 Correspondence about agapé.  A short discourse about love. A letter about love.
0125 Morality, legality, tolerance and compromise Tolerance is not always a good thing and compromise is often a cloak for cowardice.  No amount of legislation will ever make wrong into right.
0128 Belief, its a curious entity How is that intelligent, sensible people can suspend the normal processes of clear and rational thought whenever religion is discussed?
0129 Did Jesus ever claim he was God? Some people say he is God, some say he was just a man. What did Jesus claim about himself?
0130 Christian Jargon ... Oh, how we hate it! When you clear the jargon out of the way, the Christian message starts to make a lot more sense.
0131 Stupid religion! If you think religion is stupid then you might not be expecting much sympathy here ... but in fact it might actually be even more stupid than you thought.
0132 Gay priests Can a homosexual man or lesbian woman hold the priesthood?
0139 Why did Jesus have to die? Jesus died.  How did he fail?  What went wrong?  How was it possible for a man with such miraculous powers to be killed so brutally?
0140 Scripture of description and scripture of doctrine Adultery is perfectly acceptable behaviour; it must be true because the bible tells me so.  Make sure you are reading the word of God intelligently.
0141 What is the Christian message anyway? The Christian message hasn't changed in 2000 years but 2000 years of religious additions have made it hard to know what that message actually is. Here is a very brief summary.
0142 Identity cards and “terrorism” ID cards do not prevent or hinder terrorism.  It is often claimed that identity cards will prevent, or reduce the likelihood of, ideologically inspired acts of violence such as those perpetuated on 11th September 2001 using aircraft in America, or the discotheque explosions on 12th October 2002 in Bali, or the commuter train bombs on 11th March 2004 in Madrid.  These claims are not supported by either the reason or the evidence.  If anything, enforced ID will make such events more likely.
0144 Religious wars: an excuse for what, exactly? Religion is responsible for lots of wars and deaths?  Only if you agree that atheism and humanism are religions.  Know what you are talking about and don't base your opinions on idle hearsay.
0145 If a herring is red, is it a gay herring? Feeble and foolish arguments used to justify sexual immorality.
0146 Should a wife unconditionally obey her husband? Is wifely obedience an archaic and demeaning folly or is it divine wisdom?  What should a good Christian woman do when her husband makes unreasonable demands?
0147 Unconditional love, unconditional obedience Husbands, love your wives unconditionally. Wives, obey your husbands unconditionally.
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